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Life Transitions

Life Transitions

A friend of the firm likes to say that “expertise doesn't matter as long as things are going well”. It is when things are changing, and we have to make tough decisions, that experience matters most.

"Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome." - Isaac Asimov

In our years in business, we have seen that there are several of these stages in our clients’ lives when clients are asked to make major, often life changing decisions, with very little information, time or choice. We labeled these stages as times of Transition, specifically divorce, death, change of employment or career, and retirement.

By seeing the common mistakes and misconceptions surrounding these areas of financial practice, we recognized an opportunity to better educate our clients towards making better long-term, strategic decisions. Our Transitions team looks for products and services that complement the challenges and planning opportunities of each type of life transition. Whether it’s divorce, death, retirement, or sale of a business, none of these transitions are a singular event, but rather a process and series of decisions, each bringing with them unique situations. Addressing these situations in a proactive manner is what differentiates our Transitions planning. An experienced financial professional working in conjunction with an attorney, accountant, and any other necessary professionals, provides the client with a team to help navigate through life's financial transitions.