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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

No matter how far down the road it may be, retirement is something to look forward to with financial confidence.


What are the things you picture spending money on in retirement - travel, grandchildren, a new boat, beach property? For many people, the major sources of asset depletion in retirement will be healthcare costs, taxes, and inflation. These are not in our list of wants, but on the list of must-haves. A comprehensive look at retirement income can allow clients to get a better understanding of how much they should be spending in retirement to not outlive their income.

Many clients are interested in leaving a legacy for their family. Having a firm understanding of what you should be spending in retirement can help increase the chances of maintaining your standard of living after you retire, as well as increase the likelihood of your assets surviving to become a family legacy.

The planning required for retirement distributions is, in many ways, different than the accumulation of those assets. 

We can help you develop an income plan to give you financial confidence during retirement. If you would like Provo Financial to review your retirement income plan, give us a call at (508) 842-0539 or request a consultation today.